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ORCA targets on highly flexible and high speed wireless architectures for diverse applications such as industrial automation, healthcare, ambient assisted living, public events, home automation, and utilities, by bridging the best world of SDR and SDN. This is just an idea. .

ORCA joint booth at EuCNC with eWINE and WiSHFUL projects

ORCA will be present at EuCNC 2017 (12-15 June 2017 - Oulu, Finland) with a special session and a joint booth with eWINE and WiSHFUL.

Prototyping of Real-Time 5G Software Defined Networks

The ORCA partner National Instruments (NI) will present a system which combines an open-source LTE stack and core network in network simulator ns-3.

ORCA on the Silicon Republic

Silicon Republic, Ireland’s leading website for IT and business decision-makers talks about ORCA in one of his articles about high speed wireless and 5G.

ORCA’s Special Session at EuCNC 2017

ORCA’s will present a joint special session with 5GINFIRE and SOFTFIRE Projects “Emerging trends for 5G experimental environments”.

ORCA at the Imec Technology Forum

Our colleagues at imec will present a live demonstration at a booth during the event (Antwerp, Belgium, May 16-17).

ORCA at the QED Conference on 5GE

Our colleague Sofie Pollin (University of Leuven) was invited as speaker at the QED Conference (31 Jan 2017, Brussels)

ORCA on the Irish Times

Our colleagues from the Science Foundation Ireland-funded Connect Centre at Trinity College Dublin presented the ORCA project to the important journal The Irish Times.
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